Dear Uncle Dixer: I’d like your kind advice for my new house in terms of what we should change, add, or pay more attention to. Our house faces Northeast. Most of the furniture color is white. Both the front and the back has a little garden. 

I was born on June of 1985 and my fiancé was born on March 1986. 

Answer: According to the Eight-Mansion School of Feng Shui, your new house suits your fiancé more than you. Thus, make sure he is nice and supportive of you and decorate the house according to the way you want it more than he does.

Too much white furniture is not always desirable, so add some colorful painting and artwork to keep things in balance.

If the front and the back gardens are both small, then make sure the trees and shrubs are located at the edges of the property. This will keep the in-between space open and free, making it look and feel more spacious. Also, placing a stone Buddha statue at the south corner of the back garden would give you more support, which will benefit both of you equally.