Dear Uncle Dixer: I want to know if having a pony wall as soon as you open the front door to your home is bad Feng Shui?

The front opens towards the inside and it does not hit the small wall. It’s about waist line tall. You can still see the living room perfectly.       

Answer: You can have a low “pony” wall in front of the door, but please allow for at least a meter or 3 feet of space. Also, if the front door does not hit the low wall, then it is fine.

A better solution would be to fix a low planter box on top of the wall, full length, and grow some auspicious plants like the “money plant” or “jade plant” on it with some flowering ones as well. That way, people can see some nature between the door and your living door. This will make the environment welcoming as you and your guests come into your house.