Dear Kartar: After I put a deposit down to buy the house, on the 2nd day I got Covid and the 3rd day, my dad got Covid and he is in the hospital now. My mom said the newly purchased house is not good. Normally if it passes 3 days, then it’s not the house. But now it’s less than 3 days. She said it’s the house fault. My dad and I never did have Covid before. I don’t know if it’s really a coincidence or if it’s hinting for us not to buy this home. Please help! Thank you.

Answer: You asked about a house that you may buy and whether or not this house is already having a negative influence on you. Specifically, you and your father have contracted COVID.

It would be extremely rare, if not impossible, to be influenced by a home you are not occupying. An exception if when nearby neighbors do construction projects which can affect you if the timing and directional location is bad.

I have also written elsewhere that you could be indirectly influenced by a rental property you own. The tenants could have such bad financial luck that it influences you, such as them not paying rent. (If you happen to be from New York, here is a list of apartments for rent in Buffalo.)

But when it comes you getting sick, if anything it has to do with where you are currently living and not a house you have put a deposit on.

Where you live can very much affect your health.

This is one of the top reasons or concerns a person has when seeking out Feng Shui advice.

COVID in particular is related to the immune system, and it is a contagious virus.  In the flying star school of Feng Shui, and in its sister science Nine Star Ki, there are stars related to virus, infection, or circumstances which can weaken an immune or glandular system. There are a number of things to assess and consider before buying a house.  I help people in the house hunting phase on a regular basis, who need input to decide on whether to pursue a property or not. It’s an excellent time to utilize Feng Shui services.