Dear Uncle Dixer: Could you explain how far does the facing of an apartment has to be from a Kong Wong line in order to “escape” from suffering the effects of a Kong Line line?

The apartment I am referring to has a facing that is 112.65 East (Google compass verified. I have yet to take a compass reading). This is very close to 112.5 E, which is a Kong Wang line. In this case, would it be affected by this line?

I didn’t know this before choosing this apartment and I found out that the apartments from the other segments in the building all face directions that are close to Kong Wong lines. Is the building doomed? Is there any clue I should be looking for? I had heard recently that someone committed suicide in this building in the past, so this got me worried. Do you recommend selling the place? If it has bad energy, I don’t know how I would be able to have luck in selling the place, so I welcome any ideas.

The building area seemed to have vibrant energy and people seemed happy, so I was surprised to find out about possible “Death and Emptiness” lines in the building. Thank you for your attention!

Answer: You are not on a Kong Wang (空亡) Line because you are still 0.15 degree off. It is very difficult to be accurate due to varying degrees of magnetic influences, so I would not worry too much about it.

If you are right on the Kong Wang Line it means you cannot tell the Yin Yang difference in a compass measurement, that is all. But there is always the form differentiation, where one side of the building would always be either more active or passive than the other. We can use replacement stars to overcome this issue of uncertainty.

There is no need to sell the place, especially when the building seems to have vibrant energy and people are happy there. A person committing suicide would have many reasons to do so other than the Kong Wang Line. Otherwise, all the units facing your direction would have died away already. No?