Dear Kartar Diamond: I want to put a mirror on the entryway for a widened feel, but is it ok to see mirror on swinging open door? Even though I’m only seeing the side of the mirror?

Answer: You asked about the impact of having a mirror at your entrance. Mirrors can pull energy toward the mirror, or deflect and push it away depending on the tilt of the mirror.

A mirror that is laying flat, mounted to a wall can make an entrance feel larger and that can be a good feng shui feature as much as a design trick to also reflect more light.

I don’t have any clients who have suffered in any tangible way by having a mirror at an entrance facing a door.  If the entrance is small and congestive, then a mirror could open up the energy. If the entrance is already large and there is some distance between the mirror and the entrance, then the impact of the mirror will dissipate.

You can probably have the mirror at your entrance without any ill effects.

Dear Uncle Dixer: We are moving into a new house and the wall facing the front door is covered with a mirror. We cannot remove it. What can we do to help the Qi move and not bounce back out through the front door? Please and thank you very much!

Answer: Put a potted plant in front that can cover at least half of the surface of the mirror. Make sure that you can look after the plant so the Sheng Qi (Growth Energy) of nature will weaken the potential of leaking Qi from the house.

Dear Uncle Dixer: My main entrance is south-facing. Can I place a long mirror from the height of the door till about 2 inches above the ground just adjacent to my main door, on its right side, that is east?

Answer: Yes, you can. As long as the mirror is not directly facing the front door, you are fine.

Dear Uncle Dixer: We bought a house with the front door facing our direction for health. But my husband decided to put our BIG mirror (as big as from the ceiling to the floor) on the wall facing the front door. Is that not good Feng Shui since the front door is outward facing and that mirror would push all the luck and health out?

My mom said you only do that if your house front door is not outward facing and that it will push all the bad energy out. But this is outward facing and that will push all our good health and luck away? Please help.

Also, we have a BIG fish pond in the backyard that we don’t have any use for, and decided to drain all the water out to demo for a nice sitting area for our backyard. Is leaving the pond empty before we decide to do our backyard not good for feng shui? Please help. Thank you!

Answer: I would go along with your concerns. If your husband insists on having a full-height mirror facing the front door, then at least put a half-height dresser in front and put a vase of fresh flowers on top to attract the good Qi to come into the house.

As for the fish pond, why not put some water plants on top to keep the pond full of water for the time being?

Dear Uncle Dixer: What doormat should I buy for my front door?

Answer: Choosing the right doormat (or logo doormat) for your front door comes down to personal preference, but there are certain factors you should consider. Durability and slip resistance should be top of mind, as a good doormat will need to withstand all weather conditions and be able to hold up against heavy foot traffic. Logo door mats can be a good alternative to

traditional styles and can add a bit of personality to your entranceway. Additionally, if you have pets or small children, look for a door mat that is easy to clean and won’t be slippery when wet. Finally, consider what your front door looks like, what accessories you have, and the overall style of your home. For example the Feng Shui Mirror would compliment a modern front door.