Dear Kartar: What do you think about a northwest facing house that has 2 separate roofs (one for each side of the house) and the middle is lower with roof skylights? Does this represent bad luck?

Answer: You asked about a house where there are two distinct roof lines over two parts of the house, with a lower roof level in the middle and skylights.

A house like this does not automatically spell bad luck.

When you have an unusual roof line, it might also indicate that part of the house has been an addition to the original construction.  A professional like myself, with a lot of experience, will ask questions and even look up building permits to see if the house has had major renovations. That can change the whole reading on the house (when practicing Flying Stars Feng Shui).

That said, some houses are built, all original, with an unusual roof line and it does not necessarily forebode anything to be concerned about.  There is a lot to be said about roofs and roof lines, angles, etc.  But just what you described is not reason enough to rule out the house for purchase.

You might be worried about “qi” flow and that will be guided as much by the interior floor plan as the ceiling or roof plan.