Dear Kartar: We just bought a house. My question: our backyard is facing a lake. Is that a bad feng shui? Every morning there are ducks hanging around. It is nice to watch them…

Answer: You asked whether or not it is bad feng shui for the back of your house to face a lake (and with ducks).  There are several ways to answer this question because there is certainly a benefit in having a nice view  of water that makes you feel good.

The direction of the lake in relation to the house is important.  For example, right now in Period 8 it is not good to have water to the northeast.  But it is good to have water to the southwest. And there are neutral directions for water as well. Come Period 9 in 2024, the ideal location for outside water will change.

Next, there are some houses that need water on their sitting or facing side, so a lake would be potentially in a good location that helps a house that might be deficient in some way for some house types.

As well, some houses go through phases called a Locked Phase, where it is essential to hear and see water to release the locked phase.

You can have a full, comprehensive evaluation of your property in order to understand the influence of the water on your home and family.