Dear Kartar: Is it bad feng shui for the bedroom and toilet door facing the dining hall sliding door? Thank you.

Answer: You asked about a bedroom door and toilet, facing a hallway or facing a sliding door. The question is best answered when there is more context to the situation.

What you are concerned with, of course, is a principle called “Qi Flow.”  Generally speaking, we don’t want a toilet to face in direct alignment with an exterior door, or be the first view you see when entering a house. What concerns others is a toilet aligned directly with a bed.

Some of our notions about toilets are a bit odd, and certainly not based on ancient wisdom since indoor plumbing is relatively new.  If the toilet is facing and opens to a hallway, that is usually fine.  But the context of the situation, such as the DISTANCE between a toilet and an exit point could make a difference.  Most good designs would have you see a more attractive part of a bathroom when passing by, such as the sink cabinet.  One can always close the door if the sight of the toilet is annoying.

All told, there are much more important feng shui features to be concerned with than the view of a toilet or alignment with a hallway.  The subject of Qi Flow Theory, however is a big topic and an important part of a Feng Shui analysis, no matter which school or style of Feng Shui one adheres to.