Dear Kartar: Is it ok when entering a home & seeing a door that leads to a garage right when you walk into a home? The door leading to the garage overlaps the front door a little bit.

Answer: You asked if it is okay to see your garage door when entering your home  through the main door, with the two doors being almost exactly aligned with each other.

Obviously, you are familiar with the concept of qi flow and how doors and windows can direct and re-direct the energy/air current patterns in a house.

There are a couple ways to look at your situation.  Firstly, when you enter your home, the ideal is to have a foyer or entry way that is welcoming and not too congestive.  If the garage door is a mere three feet away from the main door inside, then it may feel halting to enter from either door.  In this kind of situation, mirroring the garage door or even the whole wall that the garage door is on, can give the illusion of more space in the entry way and feel more open when entering from the main door.

When it comes to energy flow and escaping energy, the garage door into the house is more like an internal door, compared to the big garage door that allows the car in.  So, with the garage door being like any other internal door in the house, the alignment with the main door is not as critical.  This is compared to two exterior doors that are directly aligned with each other.

In modern times, we need to adjust our perceptions of some Old World Feng Shui concepts because they may not be relevant with a modern-day floor plan.  Obviously, in ancient times, there were no garages for cars, attached or detached from the house.  The main door was always considered the most important (chi gate) to the house.  Nowadays, the garage door may be more important, but by the time you get to the garage door (man door) that leads into the house, you are already, de facto, in the house.  I don’t see that aligned as an energy draining problem.  If anything, it may just be a congestive area, where you can consider making that area brighter and clutter-free, if need be.