Dear Kartar: Is it good or bad to hang paintings of gardens and flowers and trees in the bedroom?

Answer: You asked if it is good or bad feng shui to hang pictures of flowers and gardens in a bedroom.

Firstly, whether it is the bedroom location or another part of the house, it should be understood that art is subjective.  Even the notion that art work in a bedroom should be tranquil to look at may be good advice, but still subjective.

One person may like a type of art, be it flowers or some other images, and another person may not like that type of art.  So, have around you  things you enjoy to look at.

Some people think that a picture of flowers or gardens may represent the Wood element in Feng Shui.  This is rarely the case or an effective remedy when the Wood element is needed.  When a room needs WOOD, then a live leafy plant is best.  A back up choice is an abundance of green color, like a green area rug or a green  bed spread. Pictures of flowers on the other hand, might have all kinds of other colors contained in it.  With enough colors in a piece of art, as elemental representations they cancel each other out.

Colors have to be on a large scale before they approach resonating anything like the real element they are associated with.  The way in which someone knows if the Wood element, or any other Element is needed in a room, is based on non-obvious influences.  Those influences can be calculated, however, and this involves data such as when the house was built and in conjunction with its compass orientation.