Dear Kartar: What can I do if my stove is placed in South direction 165° to 195° degree in my kitchen, where I have completely build and design my kitchen top? Anything in front of the stove or opposite which is water element, that I can add?

Answer: You asked about your stove which is in the south sector and if there are any after-the-fact remedies for this positioning.

There are several misconceptions you have and I would like to explain what they are.

Firstly, it is not necessarily bad to have a stove in the south sector of a house.  True, the south is inherently a fire direction and you may be assuming that with a stove there it will be way too much fire.  What you need is a good authentic professional evaluation of your space because no space represents just one element.  Every directional zone, including the south sector, is a mixture of energies and elements based on when it was built, what direction the entire house faces, and even changing yearly cycles.

You can consider the south’s fire energy to be a “shadow” influence.  The south sector of my current home has elements earth and water residing there based on when the house was built.  The previous home had double earth energy in the south. The home before that had a combination of metal and earth in the south.  You need more information about your home before you deem the stove to be too much fire for the area.

Secondly, a lot of people don’t even cook on a daily basis.  If that is you, then your stove will not emit fire very much and can be considered hundreds of pounds of the metal element to have a bigger influence on the area.

Thirdly, in the cycle of the elements, water puts out fire.  Water dominates fire.  It is seen as an aggressive move to use a dominating element to control another element and it can bring out the worst in the element’s impact.  If you actually wanted to weaken the fire energy of any location, you would use earth and not water as that is the “reductive” element.  The modern kitchen happens to be a combinations of earthen counters, fire from cooking, metal appliances and the color scheme might bring in yet another element.

Before you worry about having a stove in the south, you need to learn more about the other inherent energies in that space. This is what I do for a living for 30 years now.