Dear Kartar: I’m looking to purchase a house. This one I really like is about 480meters from a mortuary/crematory. It’s not directly in sight, blocked by a big building. It’s near downtown, so very busy area. There are also schools nearby. Anything I can do if I want to buy this house, or Shall I even consider it?

Answer: You asked if the house you are interested in is too close to a cemetery and crematorium.  The distance you noted is likely far enough away, but there is no exact prescribed safe distance.  Mostly, Feng Shui advises that you definitely not be so close that the cemetery is in view or that cars need to pass your house in order to get to the cemetery.  It is also not good to have a cemetery’s entrance aligned with your street, even if relatively far away.

A cemetery is a very yin environment and with a busy downtown area and schools, those are very yang environments.  That might help a little, although the yin energy of some cemeteries is so strong that the spirits roam around the nearby homes and businesses.

When looking for a home to buy, the outside environment is very important, since you usually cannot control or change it. This includes proximity to cemeteries, hospitals, police stations, manufacturing plants, etc.

That said, the interiors of the house are very immediate and important as well.  One of the most popular services I provide clients is house hunting advice. The inside and outside work together and the occupants also add their own compatibility or incompatibility to the mix as well, based on their age, occupation, marital status and birth date.