Dear Kartar: My front door is facing South based my compass. The stairs going up the bedrooms is facing my main door and the space from the stairs to my main door is only few steps. I know it’s not good a feng shui. What remedy could I do. Thanks for your advice.

Answer: You asked about your stairs being lined up directly with your front door.  You also noted that there is not much space between the door and the base of the stairs, so placing any kind of buffer there would be awkward.

For those reading this post who do not know, having a staircase aligned directly with a heavily used exterior door can be considered a Qi Flow problem.  The qi escapes the house too quickly and is not distributed throughout the house in an ideal way. The trickle-down effect is that it can compromise the health and financial luck of the occupants.

I assume you have at least one side of the staircase that is open and not up against a wall.  If so, then you can place a water fountain or a live potted plant along the side of the stairs. This can help hold onto and re-direct the qi flow.

If I knew more about your space, such as when it was built, its precise magnetic compass alignment, and a to-scale floor plan to review, (I charge for my services), then I would be able to tell you more precisely which is better: water or wood at your stair-entrance area.

Using the Flying Star School of Feng Shui, we know what elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) can be helpful or hurtful in any given area of the home.