Dear Kartar: Can I put a small plant in my bedroom to help clean the air? Have read that it’s very good while sleeping to cleanse the air. I do have my windows open slightly all year round for circulation. If ok where to place it?

Answer: You asked about having a plant in your bedroom and also provided your birth data. In Feng Shui practice, your birth date would almost never determine what element to have in a room.  It could however be helpful to sleep in a direction that is good for you, such as a person born in 1956.

Yes, plants have a nice benefit, as do water features which create negative ions.  But, we don’t arbitrarily put water or wood (live plant) in a bedroom just because of those things.

In any given room, there is a combination of energies, a magnetic field, which is created when the house was built and in combination with the whole house’s orientation.  That reveals which rooms should have water, wood, fire, earth or metal and for how long as well.

This is why I cannot confirm that having a plant in your bedroom is the right or best element to have there.  Wood (plant) in the right location can strengthen the eyes and heart.  But wood element in the wrong location could contribute to bone or muscles problems or digestive and reproductive problems.  This is the domain of classical Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star Feng Shui.)