Dear Kartar: I hardly use my front door. The backdoor has more traffic. I would like to put an indoor water fountain but the only place l can put it is behind the backdoor. Is this ok per Feng Shui?

Answer: You have asked about placing a water fountain behind a back door. Some people assume that water is essential at an entrance.  This is absolutely not true, so I wonder where you got your information or suggestion to have water at a back door, front door, or any frequently used door.  These kinds of edicts are too generic to be meaningful.

It is true that water is the “shui” of Feng Shui, but some people think that water is going to attract good things to the home and its occupants automatically.  This is not the case.

Within the realm of Five Element Theory, all of the Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) serve distinct purposes and there can be bad locations for any of these elements as well.

Within any home there are some semi-permanent good locations for certain elements and there are also some conflicting cycles where the water must be taken away or moved to another location.  Just as one example:  Specific to 2021, there is an annual 4 wood star in the east sector of every home.  In order to determine where the east sector is located, you need to know how to use a compass and have an accurate to-scale floor plan to work with.  Let’s say you do know exactly where the east sector of your home is located and you want to put water there (regardless of whether it is a back door or front door area).  In 2021, water in the east will stimulate sexual attraction, creativity, artistic inspiration, travel and other potentially desirable outcomes for the occupant.  However, come 2022, the east sector will host the annual 3 wood star (also fueled by water). The 3 star is currently associated with gossip, legal problems bickering or even theft.  So, this is just one of many examples where we don’t just put water anywhere and we have to know why we would put it by any door.

Calling on a professional consultant who is well versed in Flying Star School Feng Shui is essential. Otherwise, placing elements incorrectly is like taking medicine that could yield a horrible side effect.