Dear Kartar: Hi my stove is located on the kitchen island, no back-support for the stove. Is there any cure/solution for this?

Answer: You asked if there is any Feng Shui remediation for a kitchen which has a stove inset in an island. This is rather funny to point out because the more common age-old feng shui kitchen myth is that it is harmful for the cook to cook at the stove with their back to the room. 

If a stove is set in an island, this positions the cook to face the larger area of the room, so that the cook is not caught off guard, presumably causing an accident.  So, to that extent, having a stove in the island counter is one solution to another problem.

Among such famous Feng Shui masters as the late Master Yap Cheng Hai, he taught his students that the priority with stove placement is the position (direction) of the burner handles as if they are a conductor of qi, as much as the fire element for cooking. This is partly based on the occupant’s birth data.

Then there are folks whose main goal is to design a kitchen where the stove is not in a conflicting position in relation to the refrigerator or sink. This is based on some misconceptions surrounding Five Element Theory.

I don’t think a kitchen island stove needs any remedies.  It is not necessarily a problem.  The location of the kitchen as a whole may be more impactful than where the stove or oven are located, when we factor in all the priorities of how people use their space in modern times.