Dear Kartar: I have a glass door that is framed by wood and has a painting on the glass. I would like to use it as a headboard. Would that be okay?

Answer: You asked about the Feng Shui ramifications of a glass door, wood framed, being used as a headboard for your bed.

It’s unusual since most headboards are made of wood or metal, or fabric.

It is not inherently a problem to sleep close to glass, but it might not be as sturdy and safe as wood or metal.  I grew up in southern California and always mindful of earthquakes, I would not have anything heavy over the headboard and glass right behind the head may not be totally safe.

It is not so much a Feng Shui “element” concern, in fact, glass is a non-element, having transformed so much from the earth material it comes from. It is just a practical consideration.