In addition to gardens, plants have found a space inside many modern homes. Many people put plants in the common areas of their homes to add a bit of color and life to the space. This offers an added benefit as well, as some plants have the capability to clean common air pollutants in one’s home. However, not all plants can thrive indoors, which is why people should be mindful of the plants that they pick and how these are placed inside their homes.

Money plants and bamboo are two popular plants that people choose to place indoors. These plants are not just pretty to look at, they also symbolize virtues that many people would want to be present in their homes and lives. Uncle Dixer has recently received a question about these plants and how they can be best placed indoors in relation to good Feng Shui.

Here’s what he has to say about the matter.

Dear Uncle Dixer: Where and in which position should I place the money plant and bamboo plant in the house?

Answer: Place the money plant where you make money or save money in the house. You can also put it in the entry lobby to welcome money coming into your house. Face it towards the sunlight so it can grow and multiply to bring you luck.

Bamboo plant (not money bamboo plant) is a symbol of virtue to the Chinese. It represents harmony between man and nature. Place it inside the house where you need some privacy or reminder of nature. Again, face it towards the light so it can survive well.

The deep root denotes resoluteness. Its tall and straight stems represent honor. Its hollow interior represents modesty. Its clean and spartan exterior exemplifies chastity. Keep these metaphors in mind to help you lead a virtuous life. Hopefully, you will become a rich and virtuous person!


Additional Comments:

Apart from adding an element of nature and beauty to one’s home, the presence of lush greenery like bamboo and money plants can help remind people of the qualities that they should try to embody. If you want to maximize the benefits of adding bamboo to your home, for example, make sure to think about the bamboo’s qualities that you want to emulate. Just as Uncle Dixer said, keeping these metaphors in mind will help you strive to live a life that adheres to your set of ideals and standards.