Dear Uncle Dixer: What color planters should I use for my indoor plants? Plants I have: Jade (Crassula ovata), money tree (Pachira aquatica), bamboo stalks, peace lilies, and succulents (not cacti). I read that all plants belong to the Wood element, but should I use planters/pots that are symbolic of Water (black, blue) because water nourishes wood?

My personal Kua number is 7 and as a female, my personal Kua element is Metal and I was told to enhance my metal energy overall. So should I use WHITE color pots for my plants? What about the material that the pots are made out of? (metal vs. ceramic vs. plastic) I am so confused!! Please help!

Answer: Instead of using plants that are black and blue, which are not natural colors, you can use plants that have a wavy shape like water.

The plants that you mentioned are quite good and auspicious and if your Kua element is Metal, then using earthen ware pots would be best suited for you because Earth generates Metal, Metal generates Water, and Water generates Wood. Ultimately, the Wood phase of the plants will give you Sheng Qi (Life enhancing Qi).