Dear Kartar: What are the things or preparation we can do when opening a store on the first day? What to do to have very good sales everyday?

Answer: You asked what can be done in the realm of Feng Shui to make sure that business is excellent and sales are good.  This is the speciality of Feng Shui when it comes to commercial properties.  Of course, in a work environment, we also care about things like the health of the employees and their good communication with each other.  But having good sales is the #1 reason why a business owner would call in a Feng Shui specialist.

Given the opportunity, it is ideal to have a Feng Shui expert help a business owner find a location that has inherently good Feng Shui from the beginning, as opposed to having a problematic location that needs a lot of remedies.  This extends to the design/build phase as well for a new structure that will house a  business.

The timing of when a building is built can have an impact on its ability to attract or repel business.

The direction the building is facing/sitting can also affect how it may influence certain types of businesses.  Just as one example, a structure that sits to the East is loosely associated with the Wood element.  If the business inside happens to be a greeting card store or other paper products (wood), then the very orientation of the structure may boost the business.

We also have to look at things like the location of the entrance and if it has the ability to attract or repel customers.

We can consider the overall outside environment and whether it is a good balance of yin and yang traits in order to stimulate business.

We can consider other details, such as the location of a cash register for a retail store.  (Although, the old fashioned cash register is becoming obsolete.  What will we do when people have micro-chips installed in their bodies and the check-out person just waves a wand over your body?)

In order to help assist the luck of a new business, we can also use something called “Date Selection” which is an astrological component to Feng Shui where we can look at a good day to start a construction project, remodel project, open a business, have a grand opening, launch a website and do this on a favorable day for the owner of the business.

These are just examples of some of the things you can utilize in the scope of Feng Shui to give your business an edge over others and have as much going in your favor as possible.