In Feng Shui, the front door is one of the most important parts of the home. Also referred to as the mouth of qi, the front door is the main portal through which vital energy and opportunities can enter the house.

Some homes may also have secondary doors that residents use on a regular basis. In some cases, the main door may also be placed to one side of the house rather than at the very front. Feng Shui practitioners may wonder if such details affect the flow of energy into their space. Uncle Dixer, our qualified Feng Shui specialist, has a ready answer.

Dear Uncle Dixer: How does Feng Shui chi (qi) know if it is flowing through the front door versus the back door or side door? What if the front door is not located at the front of the house, but on the side in a kind of hidden spot?

Answer: The qi does not know the difference between doors. It is only a Chinese philosophical concept that does not have any conscious awareness.

It is the occupants who can tell whether a particular entrance is a side door or a back door as they walk in and out of the house. The occupants receive qi since they can feel its presence and effects in a particular location, although they may not recognize it as qi.

But as long as the occupants are mentally and emotionally connected to their house and environment, the atmosphere and the “spirit” of a house will always be there. The atmosphere and “spirit” are created by the physical form and configuration of the house in its environment.

The significance of the front door is still the same even if the entrance itself is located on the side of the house and not at the front. It is the door that most people would use, so most good things and bad things will come through this main side door.

Additional Comments

Many people will use other entrances to go in and out of their houses, such as side doors and garage doors. There’s generally nothing wrong with this, but do keep in mind that an underused front door will prevent good energy from coming into your home. It’s recommended that you “activate” your front door regularly by opening and walking through it at least once a day. It’s also important to keep your main entrance clean and free of any clutter or objects that might obstruct movement.

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