Dear Uncle Dixer: How does Feng Shui Chi (Qi) know if it is the front door vs. the back door or side door? What if the front door is not located at the front, but on the side that’s kind of hidden?

Answer: The Qi does not know. It is only a Chinese philosophical concept that does not have any conscious awareness to know the difference.

It is the occupants who can tell whether it is a side door or a back door as they walk in and out of the house. The occupants receive Qi since they can feel its presence and effects in a particular location, although it may not be called Qi.

But as long as the occupants are connected to their house and environment with feelings and awareness, the atmosphere and the “spirit” of a house are always there. The atmosphere and “spirit” are created by the physical form and configuration of the house in its environment.

The reasoning is still the same if the front door is located on the side and not at the front. It is the door where most people would use, so most good things and bad things will come through this main side door.