When it comes to the layout of a home, some configurations give rise to more desirable Feng Shui than others. The locations of certain rooms, such as the kitchen and the living room, are often highly significant. Thus, those looking into buying or designing a new home can benefit from bearing the most optimal room placements in mind.

Most Feng Shui consultants, for example, will advise against placing the kitchen at the center of the house. This is because the central part of a house signifies the home’s heart in Feng Shui, and this space should be calm in order to promote harmony and peace within the home. Cooking flames, noise, and constant activity in the kitchen can disrupt that sense of tranquility.

However, not many people have the flexibility to decide where exactly their kitchens should be located. Luckily, Feng Shui also teaches you how to work around what you already have to ensure a good flow of energy, even in less-than-ideal spaces. Uncle Dixer, our resident Feng Shui expert, has just the right remedy.

Dear Uncle Dixer: What remedy or Feng Shui cure can I use for a kitchen that is located in the center of the house and to the north? Also, is it bad for the garage to face southwest? If so, what Feng Shui cure can I use? Thanks.

Answer: If you have a kitchen located in the center of the house, please make sure that it is well-ventilated with a good working exhaust vent to allow the cooking fumes to escape easily. This way, the house won’t smell of cooking all the time. This is how you can cool down the heart-fire Xa, which is active when the kitchen is at the center of the house.

A southwest-facing garage is not a bad thing provided you can keep the garage clean and tidy. Also keep the door closed when you can.


Additional Comments

As Uncle Dixer explains, a kitchen placed in the center of the house is unideal mainly because it may strengthen the presence of the fire element to an excessive extent. While fire brings warmth, passion, and dynamic energy into the home, it can also signify anger and other tumultuous emotions.

If you have a central kitchen and notice that tempers are running high in your home, consider introducing more of the water element into the space to balance out the excess of fire energy. Good ways to incorporate more water energy include utilizing the color black, objects with curvy, wavy, undulating shapes, and mirrors in your decor. You could also bring more actual water into your kitchen, such as by putting a vase of fresh flowers in standing water on your counter.

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