Feng Shui Remedy for Main Door Direction Based on Kua Numbers

Dear Uncle Dixer: My husband is kua #5 and mine is #7. We just bought and moved into our newly purchased home in Feb. 2018. Our house’s main gate and main door is facing South. Meaning, our foyer is South facing. We have stairs on the East, back door/backyard opening on North. Level one bathroom is on partial West toward Northwest. Bedroom on the West. Master bathroom on Northwest.

I just know South facing main door is bad for both of us. But we love this house so much, how can we remedy the main door or main gate with?

Answer: You can remedy the situation by having your main bed located against the West direction because both your Kua favors West. When you like the house, this means you have resonance with the place and that is an auspicious thing.

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