Of all the parts of the house, the bedroom is often thought of as the room where it’s most essential to achieve good Feng Shui. A person’s bedroom is highly personal to them, and it’s also the part of the house they’re likely to spend the most time in. In addition, much of that time is spent sleeping, a passive state that renders a person especially sensitive to the energies of the room they occupy. Thus, it’s important to work toward a good balance of peaceful, restful qi in your bedroom or sleeping space.

Good Feng Shui is especially important if you share a bedroom with a friend, family member, or romantic partner, as it can strengthen your bond with them and bring greater harmony to your relationship. How you place and arrange your beds is especially important, as well-positioned beds guarantee you higher-quality rest and a greater boost to your well-being. Our resident Feng Shui experts Kartar and Uncle Dixer weigh in with practical advice on good Feng Shui for a room with two beds.

(1) Dear Kartar: How can I attract love in my room with two double beds?

Answer: You asked how to attract love when you have two double beds in your room. No doubt you have read some of the popular New Age Feng Shui ideas about how one attracts love.

Fortunately, there are usually several ways to attract love or a romantic partner using Feng Shui techniques. Some of those techniques are done within the bedroom and some are done in other areas of the house or even outside the house. Each house is unique. For example, sometimes a woman will find that she is facing in the “Lonely Pillow” direction while she sleeps, which can undermine her efforts to enter or stay in a relationship.

Many other Feng Shui remedies use this typical approach as well: some of them involve how the qi flows and how the furnishings are arranged. Some remedies require a certain element to be used within a particular space, like water or metal. Other remedies require that a person use their space differently, like changing the direction they face when they sleep.

Some house types (or apartments) are in cycles where relationships are not supported, but there can even be remedies for those bad cycles that houses go in and out of.

Each person also has something called their “Peach Blossom” Romance Remedy, based on their Chinese Zodiac sign.  Please learn more by utilizing the links in this response or consider having a personalized consultation to address your needs specifically.  Good luck!


(2) Dear Kartar: May I know what is the remedy for putting two queen beds in a master room if removing one of them is not an option? We need them both in there. Thank you for your time. 

Answer: You asked about a solution to having two queen-sized beds in a bedroom. You have assumed that the presence of two beds is a problem for the bedroom and it may not be so. In fact, you could have wall-to-wall beds in a sleeping room and that would not be inherently bad Feng Shui.

Perhaps you have heard that you need to have a bed of a certain size for a room that’s a certain size. False.

Now, there are other situations which are not ideal, such as having a bed aligned directly with a room’s door, or under a window.  But it is possible to have two beds in a large enough room which do not violate any other Feng Shui principles regarding bedrooms and qi flow.


(3) Dear Uncle Dixer: How do I Feng Shui a room with two beds? 

Answer: It’s best to put them side by side against a solid wall, so that when a person is lying in the bed, they can see the door and the window at the same time.

If the beds are not for a couple, then they should have a bedside table in between. If the beds are for children, consider using a bunk bed and having the elder one sleep on top. The same requirements mentioned earlier apply in both these cases, as unobstructed vision will create a sense of security for the room’s occupants.


(4) Dear Uncle Dixer: Is it OK to have two separate beds in the bedroom or anywhere in the house? Thank you. 

Answer: Two separate beds are OK as long as both are only single beds. Placing a double and a single in the same room would suggest that a couple and a single person are sharing one room, which would compromise privacy and create awkwardness.


Additional Comments

In summary, even if you share your room with someone, it’s important to keep visibility good and to make sure that the space is as free of clutter as possible. Paired objects, like matching tables or night stands, can also make for an especially harmonious atmosphere.

For detailed Feng Shui advice that’s tailored specifically to your spaces and needs, you may want to connect with a Feng Shui expert in your area. Our handy directory can help you find a go-to consultant no matter where in the world you are, whether you’re looking for. We at Feng Shui Nexus would be more than happy to help you work toward a more peaceful, more prosperous home.