(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: How do I Feng Shui a room with two beds? 

Answer: Best to put them side by side against a solid wall, so when a person is lying in the bed, he or she can see the door and the window at the same time.

If they are not for a couple then they should have a bedside table in between. If they are for children the two beds can be one on top of the other like a bunk bed and the elder one should sleep on top. The same requirements mentioned earlier apply, which is to enhance the feeling of security with vision.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: Is it ok to have 2 separate beds in the bedroom or anywhere in the house? Thank you. 

Answer: Two separate beds are ok as long as both are only single beds. A double and a single would mean a couple and a single in one room and that would lack privacy and create awkwardness.