Dear Uncle Dixer: I just moved back home and am living in the garage. There is a door in the backyard that leads into the garage and then of course two roller doors. I use one of the two roller doors to enter and leave.

Within the garage I have an entrance made of curtains that enters the bedroom space. My bedroom space has a study area, then a lounge and then the bed area so it’s basically a studio living space.

My questions are: Which is my front door? And do you have any recommendations on how to best apply Feng Shui to a studio space? Kind thanks!

Answer: It is best not to use one of the garage roller door as your entrance door since it was meant for cars and you are not a car. Use the door that opens to the backyard instead.

You should enter from the front door of the house, walk through to the backyard and out to your studio living space and not take any short cuts. That’s because you are still a part of the family and household. It is not a good idea to isolate yourself from your family and only use the bathroom and the toilet in the house.

You can organize your studio space into two parts, with the side of the backyard door and one of the roller doors as a part that is more active and the other less active. You can use a curtain to enter your bedroom space, but it would make the studio feel small. I would use low furniture to make the division instead and put the taller furniture like the wardrobe against the walls. Your bed should be in the least active area of the garage, followed by the study area and then your lounge/living area next to the entrance.

I would suggest that you put a full-height curtain right across the two roller doors and light it from behind so it feels like the sun is coming through when the light is turned on. Also, you can use a carpet to define the more active living space and another for the passive sleep area. In other words, you will need to change the feel of a garage into an atmosphere that you can consider that is now your homely home, without cutting yourself from the rest of your family.

This way you can still live separate from home but still at home. That is a win-win situation with good Feng Shui.