Dear Kartar Diamond: Hi. Is it bad Feng Shui for young people/teenagers to have in their room multiple superhero/Star Wars toys, and to hang pictures of these good and evil characters on their bedroom walls? Thank you.

Answer: You asked about decorations in your child’s bedroom and whether or not images like super heroes are considered good or bad feng shui.

As with adults and their art work, these items of décor can be subjective and if they make a child love their room, then it is a good thing. Children have just their bedroom as personal space, like their own apartment, so it is a chance (parents willing) for the child to express themselves independent of what the rest of the house looks like. This is even more so with teenagers.

When a bedroom is blanketed with large surface areas of solid colors, then we have to consider what element the color represents.  However, images of super heroes are similar to religious imagery and if it makes a person happy, then there can’t be any objections to it.