Dear Uncle Dixer: I am making floor plans for my dream house and I would love sliding doors in my bedroom (they are not near the bed nor facing the bed) and windows all around my kitchen eating area. Is it unfavorable to have too many windows, low windows, or floor-to-ceiling windows? I read that this would promote weak energy.

Answer: Windows and doors should not be considered on their own. Their size, shape and location are related to the Qi, or the Yin/Yang quality, of a space.

There are no fixed rules, but you need to consider all of them in their proper relationships. That way, the Yin and Yang of all sorts, like light and shade, open and close, soft and hard, rough and smooth, active and passive, substantial and insubstantial, etc., are balanced and in harmony with each other.

Ultimately, the idea is to make a small room feel big and a big room feel smaller, or a brighter room feel darker and a dark room feel brighter, and so forth. There is a human scale that we can relate to, to have good Feng Shui.