Dear Uncle Dixer: My natal chart in Southwest has 5 mountain, 8 facing with 2 base and now for 2019 #5 annual. (Period 5 home)

Katie Weber stated that with this combination, do not worry so much about #5 as the combination of 5, 8, 2 cancels each other out. I do not know what this means. Can you please explain this?

I always still remedy this area in Southwest with metal. Am I doing this incorrectly? Thank you for your time. 🙂  

Answer: I think what Katie Weber meant was that 8 Earth, representing the youngest son, is timely and 2 Earth, the mother, although out of time, will have a good relationship with the son. Therefore, the 5 Yellow Earth cannot harm them. The auspicious son will protect the mother.

You can still use Metal if it worries you, but what the stars are telling you is that if you can behave with a loving manner to others in the house, then no harm will come to you.