Dear Uncle Dixer: How to arrange the furniture in a bedroom that is doubled as a study room? It is L-shaped, and the missing area is a bathroom?

Answer: In a bedroom, sleeping takes priority over study. You cannot study well without enough sleep, so put the bed in the best location first. That means when you lie in bed you can have a view to the outside, be able to see the door, and a solid wall behind you.

After that you can arrange the study desk in such a way that you don’t just look at a blank wall. It is good to be able to read a book, look at a computer screen, and at the same time be able to look into a distance as you sit at the desk. This way, your eyes can get some exercise by adjusting from short to long distance vision. Only after that do you think about where to put the clothes and the books.

It is best not to have a television in your bedroom because there are enough activities already between sleeping and study.