In Feng Shui, doors are an important element of determining which energies flow into the home. Practitioners pay attention to the front door in particular because it is considered a “mouth” for Qi. Most Feng Shui tips that have to do with front doors pertain to their layout in relation to other gateways for energy in the home, like back doors.

But does the importance extend to a garage door that faces the front of the home? Does a front-facing garage door count as a front door as opposed to a side door? Longtime Feng Shui Nexus contributor Uncle Dixer weighs in on the issue below.

Do Garage Doors Count as Front Doors?  

A reader addressed Uncle Dixer with the following question:

Dear Uncle Dixer: Can garages be considered the front door in Feng Shui? I live in California, and I barely use the front door. Is the garage therefore my front door?

Uncle Dixer replied:

The garage door is most often used as an entrance for the occupants. But for most other people (such as guests), they use the front or main door.

Since good or bad things are usually brought in by people from the outside, we would look at the Feng Shui of the main door for the house first, then the garage door.

Additional Comments

As per Uncle Dixer, the door that people commonly use to enter the house usually takes precedence over a garage door, even if the latter is front-facing. It’s also worth considering the entrance that guests use as opposed to the entrance that owners use, as this also factors into what outside energies are brought into the house.

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