Dear Uncle Dixer: I came across this house measurement of 247-250 degrees but don’t know if it should be west or southwest? How can you be sure and confident to get the exact measurements because if it really falls in 247.5 then that’s terrible…

I guess I am asking that luo pan or a normal good compass don’t give that exact 0.5 degrees, and smart phone’s app are just unreliable as well. What is a sure way to get one specific degree with high confidence?         

Answer: You have indicated a measurement near one Trigram to another (Kun and Dui). If a compass reading cannot be made reliably, then I suggest that you stand in front of the building at the facing and observe the physical form to help you make a decision about the compass reading as to which mountain to use.

The more usable reading would lean towards the more active side. So if the left side is more active it would read SW3, and if the right side is more active then it would read W1.