In the practice of Feng Shui, specific dates can set a precedent for good luck. The auspiciousness of a date for an important event in one’s life—for example, their wedding or the start of construction on their new home—may depend on factors like the current year and the person’s Chinese zodiac sign.

Some people also believe that the luckiness of a particular number, like the number 8 (which is associated with wealth and prosperity), carries over when choosing a date for a particular event. There are also beliefs that govern unlucky months. The month of August, for example, is considered the “ghost month” because it coincides with the arrival of hungry ghosts. During ghost month, Feng Shui practitioners advise great caution when building new homes and moving away from old ones—lest uninvited guests crash the housewarming party.

How, then, does one choose a lucky date for building a dream home? Let’s revisit the past and see how Uncle Dixer determined an auspicious date for a reader back in 2018.

On Choosing a Lucky Month to Build a Dream Home

One excited reader wrote to Uncle Dixer:

Dear Uncle Dixer: I am planning to build my dream house (2018). What month is a good month to build around March or April?

Uncle Dixer wrote back with the following answer:

According to the Chinese Almanac for 2018, Monday, March 19, 2018 is an auspicious day to “disturb the soil” (動土) to start the construction of your new home.

Additional Comments

Uncle Dixer’s answer to the reader’s question used the Chinese Almanac for reference. Take note that the same date may not be as lucky in succeeding years. It really depends on factors like the ones listed above.

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