Fountains are a favored object in feng shui because they bring the peaceful, intuitive, and naturally flowing characteristics of the water element into the home. The constant ebbing-and-flowing motion of water from a fountain is also thought to be emblematic of good luck. Since the water is never stagnant, it hearkens to the obtainment of momentum in aspects like health, wealth, and personal development.

Many people choose to install miniature fountains in their indoor spaces to make them pleasing to both the eye and ear. The sight and sound of flowing water can be extremely relaxing, and they can also initiate either reflective or creative moods. But when does a water fountain become an obstruction to good energy flow within a space? Here, Uncle Dixer advises a water fountain owner on how long they should keep their fountain running throughout the course of the day.

On Running a Water Fountain within the Home

A curious reader wrote to Uncle Dixer:

Dear Uncle Dixer: I placed an indoor fountain in my foyer. How many hours a day should I run it to bring in opportunities?

Uncle Dixer responded with the following:           

If it is a fountain that makes noise and is disturbing for your sleep, then leave it on during the waking hours and turn it off when you sleep. It is important to make sure that you have a good rest to charge up your energy.

If the sound of the water and the machine is too far away in the foyer to worry you, then you can leave it on all the time. Good luck is related to timing, and the timing depends on you. So when to turn off and to turn on the water (correlated to wealth) also depends on you.

Additional Comments

With regard to the concern above, Uncle Dixer’s advice is sagely: for as long as the sound of the water fountain remains pleasant to the owner and doesn’t disturb their rest, it’s okay to leave it on at any hour.

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