Dear Kartar: I am trying to find a partner for 3 years and it’s not going well. I moved to a new home with my bedroom in NW and patio in SW. what can I do to attract good partner to get married? Please help!

Answer: You asked a question about romance and partnership and Feng Shui does address those issues.  In fact, love and romance are very important to most people.  You have described your bedroom as being in the northwest and a patio in the southwest.  This information is so generic that it is almost meaningless in terms of the unique space you occupy. 

I do know that some New Age Feng Shui practitioners equate the direction of southwest with romance, but this was a simplified version of Feng Shui, popularized in the West in the 1990’s and has little to do with authentic, classical Feng Shui.

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When a consultant like myself is evaluating a space in a comprehensive way, we first look to see if the home has any features which could cause obstacles or setbacks for the occupant.  Those obstacles could influence romantic relationships. We also look to address issues related to loneliness or solitude. It’s hard to get in a relationship if you are sleeping in an area that repels romance.

We can also get into specific Romance Remedies for people based on their Chinese Zodiac sign.  This is an example of where Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui can complement each other.

Attitude can also make a difference when trying to attract love and romance. Your mind is one of the most powerful Feng Shui remedies you have at your disposal.