Dear Kartar: How do I cure my front door that faces the direction of Five Ghosts?

Answer: You asked about a cure for the 5 Ghosts at an entrance.

This is an area deemed unfavorable based of the sitting “back” direction of the house and then interpreted within the Eight Mansion School of Feng Shui. The Five Ghosts area may be considered unlucky, unless a certain room falls in that area.  I was in that kind of house when I first started learning Feng Shui.  It was a West sitting house with a kitchen in the south sector.  So, it was supposed to be good for wealth luck.  My then husband was new to his architecture practice and his income went up each year gradually. It was not a dramatic experience of wealth like hitting the lottery.  So, how long does one have to live in a house like that before the “event” takes place?

One of the reasons I do not use the Eight Mansion School much, and put it lower in priority than the Flying Star School, is because of the serious limitations of the Eight Mansion theories.  You may discover other ways to “cure” a door which handles the Five Ghosts, but the best option when it is available is to not use that door and use an alternative door.  In Dr. Stephen Skinner’s Eight Mansion book series, he explains how the two very different, but popular schools of Feng Shui can co-exist. Most practitioners that I know will abandon much of the Eight Mansion School formulas once they learn Flying Star, which categorizes houses not just based on orientation but also based on Time, and the changing influence of Time.