Dear Uncle Dixer: How do I fight the forces against me?

Answer: You must not run away from the forces against you, if you do then it will either defeat you or worse, it will still chase after you and give you no peace. But if you can avoid it in the first place by not being in the line of fire, then it is the best solution.

But if you cannot avoid it, then to fight you must stand upright and fully grounded. Meaning, you must stick to your principles and hold onto what is dear to you.

Don’t fight head-on, it takes too much energy and causes too much damage. But you can deflect the coming force, and you can also reflect it with a Feng Shui mirror or a Feng Shui “cure”. But at all times you must cover yourself so you are protected.

You can also neutralize the situation by introducing a third agent that can weaken the force against you and build up your own force in the process at the same time. This is the most preferred method in Feng Shui.

Since I don’t know exactly what forces are against you and in what situation, I can only talk in a general terms and have outlined the basic approach: Reflect- Deflect- Protect- Neutralize- Avoid, in an increasing order of preference for a solution.