There are plenty of things that a person should consider before they decide that the partner they’re with is the one. Some people deem it a must to find a life partner who shares their values and dreams for the future, while others are intent on partnering with someone who complements their personality. But what if the perfect person has intrinsic qualities that clash with your own? Let’s say that your zodiacs do not match each other. In this case, what can you do? This is the kind of question that Uncle Dixer tries to answer today.

Dear Uncle Dixer: How do we fix the presence of clashing zodiac in a marriage? Let’s say, between a snake and a pig?

Answer: In terms of behavior, allow the snake to be the snake and allow the pig to be the pig. Then, find the in-between to take advantage of the good and avoid the bad in each person.

For example, a snake is very intuitive but also judgmental. A pig is sincere and brave but also naive and stubborn at the same time. Make use of the good quality and avoid being in conflict with the bad by being tactful and giving and taking a little.

In terms of Feng Shui, do not sit opposite to each other. Try to sit next to or adjacent to each other instead.

Clashing Zodiac signs have disadvantages, but you can turn the disadvantages into your advantage. All you need is a genuine desire to understand each other and let each one be him or herself. Do not try to change the other to suit yourself.

In the end, if you love each other genuinely, then it will work out. But you will need to hang in there and don’t give up too easily. It is a challenge but you will be richly rewarded.

Additional Comments

Again, Feng Shui is about making the most out of elements that can help you gain advantages and minimize the effects of the elements that can cause disadvantages. This is true both in designing a space and making sure that your behavior balances out with that of your partner. Even if you and your partner have clashing zodiacs, as long as you genuinely love each other and are both fully committed to making your partnership work, you can find ways to make your qualities work for the betterment of each other and your relationship.

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