Dear Kartar: My house natal chart says that I have 2,5 stars in my kitchen which unfortunately is in the NW direction of my house. The second floor NW direction is a bedroom. We are using induction range in kitchen and I placed an all metal fan that’s turned on for the whole day except when we sleep at night. Does this help alleviate these stars? Also I have the 5, 2 stars in the South. The ground floor is where the garage is while the second floor is part bedroom, part bathroom/ walk-in closet. I have placed a brass wu lou in the bed room. Will all these help alleviate the negative stars in these directions? Is there anything I can do? Thank you so much for your reply.

Answer: You asked about how to treat the 2 and 5 combination. This combination can trigger accidents, arguments or other negative situations.

There are ways to treat the 2 and 5 stars in a nuanced way, depending on what the function of the room is, yin or yang activity.

But you are correct, generally speaking, that the metal element helps to weaken the 2 and 5 earth stars.

You mentioned having a fan in one area and you have to be careful as too much activity and movement can further disturb the 5 star.

That said, you have probably heard of “moving metal” remedies, like chimes and grandfather clock, etc.

Another point to consider is the use of a room. We don’t have to be too concerned about a room not used much.  Some people cook daily and some hardly cook at all.

You have also mentioned that one set of 2 and 5 stars are in the northwest (an inherently metal energy) and another set in the south (inherently fire energy).  It is just a shadow influence, but the metal directions can help subdue the 2 and 5 stars more than the south.

You have asked all good questions about how to handle the 2 and 5 stars and it sounds like you have addressed them adequately in your home. You might enjoy reading my Case Study called the Magnificent Five Yellow Star, as it covers many of the manifestations of the 5 star and how to adjust it, when and why.