Your choice of hotel for your business or leisure trip can make or break the entire experience. A hotel that is centrally located or within close proximity of the spots in your list of itineraries, for example, can be instrumental in helping you accomplish as many of the activities that you set out to do during your trip.

A hotel with all the essential business features can help you eliminate the hassles of finding a nearby meeting or conference room and a well-equipped business center. Nowadays, hotels not only serve as a venue for special activities like weddings and conferences, but these facilities also host people who are making the transition from one place to another.

The question now is this: does it matter? Will the Feng Shui of a place where you’ll generally spend a little more than a weekend affect your luck and the success of the activity that you’re planning to participate in? This is a question that Uncle Dixer will answer today.

Dear Uncle Dixer: Currently I’m in a hotel. Will Feng Shui still be applicable? Does it need to be applied while you are relocating and are temporarily at a hotel? Will Feng Shui in my hotel room matter?

Answer: To some, it matters. But if your stay is a short one, up to a month or so, then I would not worry too much about the Feng Shui of the place. Still, I would try to make the hotel room as homey as possible.

Additional Comments

The concerns of a person who is staying in a hotel while in the middle of moving homes and those of someone who’s holding a wedding or conference in a hotel can be vastly different. According to Uncle Dixer, if you’re staying in a hotel temporarily–perhaps less than a month–you shouldn’t really be worried about the Feng Shui of the place since you’ll be moving into their long-term home in the near future. However, those who might need to stay in a hotel for quite a while will do well to consider the Feng Shui of their accommodation before they finalize their booking.

Are you staying in a hotel for a short while, or will you be spending a bit of time in a particular resort or hostel before you move on to your next destination? The answer to this question can help you decide whether or not you should pay special attention to the Feng Shui of the place in relation to your innate qualities, current goals, and future plans.

If you’re in the process of building your long-term home, however, it’s best to consult with a Feng Shui expert. Feng Shui Nexus can connect you with practitioners who are based in many major cities in the US, Canada, and Australia. Use our directory and find an easier way to get the services that you need.