How to Improve Feng Shui Energy Using Flying Stars

Dear Uncle Dixer: I rent a Period 5, 220 degree SW facing 4 level home. Since moving in, I have many financial issues and health problems. This home does not have a good natal chart, and I have remedied as best to my knowledge.

I have been advised to move, but financially I can’t. So my question is: how to improve the energy of a Period 5 home other than keeping it clean, let in fresh air and sunshine, and clear clutter? I have done all of this to no avail for better outcome. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.   

Answer: You will need to work out the influence of the current Period 8 on a house built in earlier Period 5. Time has changed, so have the occupants.

But this is not a job we can do in a short exchange. You will need to contact a qualified Feng Shui consultant to help you overcome your difficulties.

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