Starting a big project can be nerve-wracking for many people, especially if they put a lot of effort into preparing for this new endeavor. For example, some people ensure that they have all the ingredients they need to cook a particular dish before they start, while others prefer to intricately plan their next event before they start booking their hotel, caterer, and transportation options. Working in such a manner helps one gain more control over the important task in front of them and the many steps they have to take to complete the said project.

According to Feng Shui, there are auspicious dates in the calendar, and some people feel that it’s better to start their important projects on these specific dates. But what if things aren’t going according to your plan? What if, for example, someone who’s integral to your project can’t be present on the date when you planned it to start? Should you move the start of the project and wait for the person, or would it be better to proceed on your planned starting date? This is the question that Uncle Dixer will answer today.


Dear Uncle Dixer: If a house has a good date for renovation, but unfortunately, the contractor could only work the next day, could I initiate on this auspicious date by doing minor work like painting or scrapping wall paint?

That way, when the contractor comes, we can consider the good date as the official start of the work instead of the day the contractor stepped in, which isn’t a favorable date on the calendar. Meaning, our renovation initiation from the previous day has helped and the renovation can continue after that. Thanks.

Answer: You can initiate the auspicious date by starting with some minor work like scrapping the paint off the wall as you mentioned. It would be more auspicious if you can burn some incense as well and say an auspicious prayer at the same time.


Additional Comments

It can be disheartening to find that even though you planned to start at a specific date–and an auspicious date at that–the people you want to work with are not ready to start according to your schedule. When this happens, you can still proceed with the date of your choosing by beginning a minor part of the work, just like Uncle Dixer said. This way, the official start of the project will still fall on the date you want and you can feel better about the work that is being done.

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