Dear Kartar: Would the house kua be a priority as compared to personal kua & floor plan? I saw this place for which the house kua is good but it is not in the good direction of my personal kua, and the floor plan is triangular instead of rectangular or square. There is a toilet in the center of the apartment, which according to some is bad fengshui from what I have read. Would greatly appreciate your advice.

Answer: You asked how to prioritize a house that has a good orientation versus your own personal best directions versus design flaws such as the house being a triangular shape.

You will get different answers from different consultants, but based on my training and experience, personal best directions usually take a back seat to the overall good feng shui that anyone could benefit from.  Each person is unique however.

While one person may not be able to sleep well unless they are in one of their best personal directions, for others it makes no difference at all.

Design flaws can sometimes be remedied effectively, but in the case of a triangular shaped house, that is impossible to fix except through remodeling.  The triangular shaped house can make the energy inside chaotic. Occupants could argue more and the house is slightly more prone to causing accidents or fires.  Having a toilet in the center of a house is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it is also not ideal.

When it comes to the personal “kua” or “gua” (also known as a trigram), it is also unrealistic to use that branch of Feng Shui exclusively. More times than not, family members are a mixture of east and west group so you would not be able to satisfy everyone when they are in different groups with opposing best directions.