Dear Kartar: My wife is concerned about the number of stoves in the kitchen as it implies bad spousal relationship. Here is the link to the article. What is your take on this?

Answer: I read the article about 2 stoves in a kitchen and its proclamation that it is bad luck.  Well, this is not something to obsess over.  There are so many more important aspects to house Feng Shui that I doubt  the author has empirical evidence that having 2 stoves implies such dire outcomes.

I try not to boast, but I’ve been a consultant for 30 years with well over 6,000 clients and the issue of having 2 stoves has hardly ever surfaced.  One could even argue that having 2 stoves implies a wealthy occupant if nothing else.  Yes, I have seen homes where the occupants keep kosher or have other dietary restrictions which require these kinds of accommodations. As well, I’ve been to Chinese homes, not many, where there is a back kitchen for cooking really greasy dishes.

To say that the stove represents  the “wife” is overly simplistic and border line superstitious.  I would recommend you discount this unwarranted concern.  You can find out more about kitchens in my article about kitchen myths.

When a house is evaluated by professionals like myself with a lot of training and experience we know that there might be 50 things more important than whether there are two stoves or even the location of the kitchen.  This is not to say that the kitchen doesn’t influence the occupants.  It can.  But it just doesn’t even compare with the sleeping rooms or home office, where people spend many hours a day.