Dear Kartar: My parents live in house number 5761. Their business is successful but they are lonely and my mom suffers from heart issues. My sister and I live far away from them. What can they do to counteract the negative aspects of house number 1?

Answer: You asked about the numerological significance of the address for your parents’ house.  Contrary to popular belief, numerology is a distinct metaphysical art form from Feng Shui, although they both acknowledge that there are non-obvious influences by a house on the occupants.

For numerology advice, I could recommend Nick Newmont or Glynis McCants. You can find both of them on the Internet. They have both written numerology books.

With regards to Feng Shui, we pay less attention to the address and more to the actual energy field created at the time a house was built, in conjunction with its magnetic compass reading.

There are many layers and many house types, but just as one example:  A house that was built between 1924-1944 and facing east or west has a hidden potential to make the occupants lonely, aloof, or very picky about who  they are friends with.  Another example: A house that was built between 1944-1964 that faces north or south could cause heart or eye issues for the occupants.  I have a whole chapter in my book, The Feng Shui Matrix, about what the center energy of a house means for occupants.

I have mentioned problems you have referenced in relation to your parents.  I am just giving you a little taste of how we can determine such things, using the coordinates of TIME and SPACE.

I help people all over the world, in-person or done remotely, so you might want to have your parent’s home evaluated according to classical Feng Shui criteria, which is amazing and very revealing.

Additionally, what you can do and change in the area of Feng Shui remedies for a house and its occupants might be a lot easier than trying to change an address or move to another location.