Dear Uncle Dixer: Is there a cure for sleeping in bed that is part metal and on a double mattress that has metal springs inside? Other than getting a new bed? Our bedroom is in the 2nd house part of our home. Thank you!

Answer: As far as I see, you can try two options.

One is to find out the direction of your nearest local FM/TV transmission tower and orientate your bed away from that direction. That way, your bed with the metal bed springs would not act as an receiver for the EMF.

The other is to orient your bed along the North-South alignment so the Fire in the South and the Water in the North can cancel out the Metal of the EMF influence.

The first is an “into the world” solution suggested by some scientists and the second is an “out of the world” solution suggested by some Feng Shui practitioners. I would get a futon bed myself. The extra cost is worth it, since we spend a third of our lives in bed. The choice is up to you.