Adding mirrors to one’s room can significantly impact the way the interior looks and the general atmosphere of the space. If placed correctly, it can make a room look more spacious than it really is. But if it doesn’t fit the space properly, it can make the people who are in the room feel uncomfortable with their reflection or more conscious of their surroundings when they should be relaxing.

It’s of utmost importance, then, to find the best placement for a mirror in a room. One of Uncle Dixer’s readers has this very dilemma. They have a master bedroom with a closet that has mirrors for doors. Unfortunately, the closet door reflects the bed, and this is causing sleep disturbances for the reader. This is what Uncle Dixer advises.


Dear Uncle Dixer: My master bedroom has wall-to-wall mirrored closet sliding doors that reflect my bed. I’m not in the home long-term, but what are some tips I could use to protect our sleep and our marriage?

Answer: You can glue some rice paper on the mirrors up to waist height. That way, when you lie in bed, you cannot see your reflections when you’re half-awake and give yourself a sudden fright, thinking temporarily someone or a ghost is in the room.


Additional Comments

Given the reader’s current situation, it can be difficult to reorganize the room. After all, the reader will not be staying in the house in the long-term, so it’s impractical to carry out a renovation and change the closet door, move the bed, or make the closet face another direction.

Because the mirror is facing the bed, it’s easy for the owner of the home to see themselves when they’re relaxing or about to fall asleep, and this can make them feel conscious of their reflection. Instead of being themselves and putting their guard down, they’ll feel that they’re being watched and their actions will be influenced by this thought. This, in turn, will make their bedroom feel less relaxing than it really is.

Uncle Dixer recommends a quick solution to this problem: covering the mirrors. By placing rice paper on the mirrors, the reader will no longer be constantly exposed to their reflection while on the bed. Without seeing any other people or being conscious of their reflection, the homeowners will feel more at peace in the space.

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