Dear Uncle Dixer: I recently came about an article about house 8 trigrams. It said 4 belong to Yang Kua and the other 4 belong to Yin Kua. “干坎艮震四阳卦, 巽离坤兑四阴卦. 从阳卦搬入阴卦或从阴卦迁至阳卦是为吉祥,若是由阴入阴、阳入阳那就算不吉了” What can I do if I am moving from 兑 (dui) to 巽 (xun), which is 阴入阴 (Yin to Yin). Any cures for this situation?

Answer: In that case you will need to pay more attention to the form of the building you are moving into. Since you are moving from Yin to Yin, you will need to keep your house bright and sunny, well ventilated, and with good lighting. Try to decorate it with cheerful colors. Also, you need to be optimistic about life and work.

If you can do those and introduce more Yang quality into your environment and your life, then you will overcome this situation.