Dear Uncle Dixer: I read a few articles that state a 4 stalk bamboo plant is to be avoided. That it will bring bad luck or bad energy. However, in an article supported by one of your bloggers it states that a 4 stalk bamboo plant should be placed in an office/study area. Can you please clarify?       

Answer: In Chinese numerology the number 4 can be correlated in different ways. The advice on not to use 4 is because in Cantonese it has the same sound as “dead”. But in terms of Five Phase correlations, 4 is associated with the Wood element for growth, so it would be good for an office/study area.

I would advise that you can use 3 instead of 4 in this case, because 3 and 4 have the same association of Wood and 3 sounds much better because it has the same sound as being “alive”.