What to Put Between Two Beds per Feng Shui?

Dear Kartar: I am single and I have two beds in my room with two comedino and two table lamps. What should I put between two beds? Should I put anything between two beds or its ok to leave the space empty between them? What about putting bamboo between two beds?

How to Feng Shui a Room with Two Beds?

(1) Dear Kartar: How can I attract love in my room with two double beds? Answer: You asked how to attract love when you have two double beds in your room.  No doubt you have read some of the popular New Age Feng Shui ideas about how one attracts love. Fortunately, there are usually several…

Do Underground Sewer Pipes Bring Bad Feng Shui?

Dear Kartar: My current house (East facing) has a sewer pipe running at the backyard (cannot be removed) and another sewer pipe running along the right side (when looking out of the house) of the house. The latter (side sewer pipe) is about 3m from the side boundary wall. My architect has proposed sealing off…

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