Feng Shui for Houses Facing Northeast

Introduction If you’re moving to a new house, it’s a good idea to consult a Feng Shui expert who can provide you with practical tips on how to make your home more advantageous for you. Feng Shui experts in Sydney, like Uncle Dixer, can take into account the qualities of the property that you will…

Feng Shui for Hanging Art Paintings in Dining Area

  Dear Uncle Dixer: I’ve recently been gifted a large painting with a picture of a plate and a fork, knife and spoon on it. It looks great and I wanted to hang it in the dining area. In terms of Feng Shui, is it okay to do so? Thanks in advance.

Front Door Feng Shui: Apartment Door vs. Building Front Door

The placement of the door can have different implications for the people living in a home or structure, even in terms of Feng Shui. Now, not all homes are made the same. There are people who live in stand-alone houses, while there are others who live in condominiums, apartments, and other structures that they share…

Feng Shui Bed at Three Killings or Under Window?

(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: In 2017, I will have to decide if I will sleep with either my head facing against the direction of the Three Killings or with my head under a window. Those are the only two possible ways I can place my bed. Which option is better or less harmful? Thanks in advance!

Feng Shui Lucky Number of Fishes for Your Fishbowl or Aquarium

Uncle Dixer will NOT be answering any more questions about Feng Shui fish numbers. He published a guide about Feng Shui Fish Aquarium for Abundance, and you can get your answer about fish numbers using that guide. Click here to go to the guide. (1) Dear Uncle Dixer: I was born in 1979. How many…